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Prior to arranging a franchise partner ZTN would benefit from increased advertising on its additional language pages. 

Zermatt.com partners with logo links will be featured on additional language pages without charge. Once a franchise agreement is reached, however, the franchise holder can remove these and any other partners from the sponsored language pages when the agreed period finishes.

Those without major featured promotions (IE logo/photo links) will be offered their same profile on the selected language page at a slight additional charge. Travel suppliers not currently featured on www.zermatt.com will be charged at a rate to be announced.

Commissions as a source of additional income on the added language pages;

ZTN will earn additional revenues from commissioned sales of inventory from travel suppliers not currently featured on the English language pages of www.zermatt.com.

Already featured partners that fall under the extra cost category may want to pay by commission to cover their costs as well.

There are great benefits to becoming either a franchisee or featured partner on these additional language pages. The effort and costs of starting up a new business will be minimized. The advantages of being part www.zermatt.com website include the name, popularity, page views and search engine placement. Not only to these benefits equal perfect targeting and increased business, but additional tremendous cost savings.