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This domain is being redesigned to become the “yellow pages” for Zermatt. The goal is to make it a complete guide to the resort’s travel products and services.

Until now this domain has been used strictly as a direct “reroute” to the portal, www.zermatt.com. This is about to change.

Soon every travel related business in Zermatt will be listed on the page. Those already featured through paid links on the portal site will be replicated without further costs on www.zermattswitzerland.com.

Other travel related products and services will get a listing with telephone and fax numbers but with no direct contact via the Internet. Projections indicate that considerable funds will be earned by ZTN with additional direct links sold upon payment of an annual fee.

ZTN will further profit by the selling of inventory from unlinked hotels on a commission basis.

This model will provide added benefit to current Zermatt partners and attract new ones. No additional languages are planned for this domain, as the content will be mainly limited to accommodation and other travel related listings. www.zermattswitzerland.com will accept third party advertising.