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5 Seenweg Trail or Five Lakes Walk Part 2

The third lake on Five Lakes Walk is Grunsee. This is the perfect spot to stop and relax for a picnic and or a swim while enjoying the views of the Matterhorn. The water of the Grunsee or Green Lake is indeed green, but rather cold as it is fed by the surrounding mountain springs. Geology enthusiasts will fine a variety of interesting rock formations here in a formal glacial landscape. The alpine flora is particularly rich with small patches of moorland. From this beautiful green lake, you can view many 4000 meter peaks including the Weisshorn, Matterhorn, and Obergabelhorn. Surrounded by beautiful alpine mountains and alpine flora, this place is a magnificent place to take a break and have a wonderful picnic.

5 seenweg 5

After enjoying a wonderful picnic at Grunsee, move on up to Moosjisee which is a classic storage reservoir with its milky color shows that it is fed by glaciers. The Moosjisee is an artificial reservoir. The water is used to generate electricity and for snowmaking along the pistes. Among the lake’s sources is water from the Findel Glacier, and as a result the Moosjisee has the typical milky hue of sediment rich glacial melt water, known as glacial milk. As the trail leads past the lake, observant hikers will spot a wide variety of alpine flora on the adjacent slopes. You can’t swim in this lake but the milky turquoise colored water is an amazing thing to look at.

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Last but not least, lake of the Leisee is Zermatt’s beach and a popular outing for the whole family. This is the last lake of the Five Lakes Walk and it is worth the walk. They have children’s playground, barbecue areas, picnic spots, play raft and a glorious view of the Matterhorn. For children this is a magical place to swim and play, for parents, this is a wonderful spot to relax after the walk. The views of the Matterhorn is breathtaking, framed by a pristine alpine landscape. As the lake is not deep, the water temperature is suitable for a dip, despite the altitude. The lake shores are home to a wealth of alpine flora and in July, you can spot tadpoles and small frogs. They also have a little stream that flows into the lake making it perfect for children to play in.
You can have a lovely barbecue with the view of the Matterhorn and rest your legs from the walk in the nice cool water of Leisee.

For any hiking in Zermatt area, don’t forget to bring a good footwear and clothing suitable for the weather. It may be nice and warm during summer but weathers in mountains can rapidly change so be sure to back long pants if you’re planning to wear shorts and always carry a waterproof jacket. If you’re planning to go swimming in either Leisee or Grunsee, don’t forget to take swimming gears. If you want a picnic, you can always stop by the village while on the walk and buy some foods to enjoy on the lake shore while viewing the beautiful alpine flora surrounded by the magnificent alpine mountains.